About Us

Storytelling is all about people

While our shows are produced by a company, we thought of telling about us first. After all, podcasting is storytelling by people, for people. Read on!

Created by a team of Podcast Fans

Cofounders Amar Vyas and Minu have been fans of podcasts for several years. They wanted to address the problem of lack of quality on demand audio in Indian languages. That’s how gaatha story was born.

Our journey since 2015

The first episode for MyKitaab Podcast was recorded in October 2015. Since then, we have launched 8 shows, and published over 500 episodes in 4 languages.

Learn more about gaatha story

If you like MyKitaab Podcast, then we thought you would like to learn more about gaatha story. So here goes!

Home of Fine Audio

We are the team behind Baalgatha, Fairytales of India, MyKitaab and many other shows.

Variety and Diversity

We have launched shows for children, authors ( that’s you!), startups, and nonprofits. Our content is available in English, Hindi Marathi and (soon) Telugu and Kannada. Length of our shows vary from 5 minutes to 50 minutes, now that’s quite a variety!

Available on Multiple Channels

Apart from our website(s) you can find our podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Hubhopper, Storiyoh,Spotify, and many more channels. At the last count, our shows are available on 30 different Apps and websites!

Learn More

Visit our website gaathastory.com to learn more about us and our podcasts.

Great Shows Deserve Great Reviews

  • Very interesting!

    I appreciate how specific this is to the authors in India who desire to get their book out in the world.

    David Westerman

    High Performance Podcast

  • Makes publishing a book a reality!

    Thank you Amar! This makes my dream of publishing my own book look very real! 🙂


    Lifestyleconversations Podcast

  • This is good!

    This podcast is a gold dust if you are into Book publishing. Amar’s tyle of interviewing is good too.


    Apple Podcasts India