NRI Fiction and the Desi Girl Series. Aditi Chopra, ep14

Aditi Chopra is the author of NRI Fiction and the Desi Girl Series. Aditi spent 20 years in a corporate career before she quit that role to turn into a full time author and a consultant. She has published nearly 20 books till date, and she writes both in fiction (Desi Girl and Mr. Imperfect series) and nonfiction genre. Her fiction books are in romance genre, her nonfiction books are on leadership skills. Aditi is an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering and is an alumnus of Santa Clara University. She lives in Dallas area in the United States.


  • Aditi Chopra wrote on topics of leadership before she turned a full time author. She began writing fiction to challenge herself.
  • She received positive feedback on her nonfiction books particularly Leading Without Authority.
    Writing gives her happiness and satisfaction.
  • Aditi recommends that the marketing and messaging has to be tailored to the needs of the listeners.
    She had considered maintaining two identities for her fiction and nonfiction works. But in today’s world, maintaining social media presence for two profiles becomes very difficult to maintain. She believes that since the readers for both fiction and nonfiction books are different, it does not matter that she maintains a single identity.
  • Since 2011, Aditi has been associated with Linked To Leadership. She was approached by LinkedIn in that year to write on topics related to leadership.
  • Aditi has presence on seven social media sites, and she has scaled down her presence on a couple of sites because of time constraints. For her, Twitter is the most effective for engagement, followed by Google Plus and her blog. She has not found Facebook to be very effective in her case.
  • Her mentors advised her that writing is not a logical process like engineering. That helped her in a mindset shift.
  • Her first manuscript received a lot of feedback (and red marks) from her writing group, which gave her the confidence that she could write a book. She read a lot of fiction books to understand how fiction books were written.
  • In addition to editors, Aditi’s husband helps her with her writing by providing feedback and suggestions.
  • Aditi gave up writing three or four times, but she decided to write her first romance book anyways
  • Aditi published 10 books in 2013. Several of her books were written in advance, and her association with romance writers association.
  • She works with 2 editors and 2 cover designers.
  • Aditi writers in bursts. She often finishes writing the major portions of her books in a short span of time.
    She believes that promotion of books by an author is a very important part of the book writing and publishing process.
  • Aditi asked a few authors on how to get her books published, they all recommended that she go the independent author route.
  • She has considered translations of her books in Spanish, but not in Indian languages. Majority of her sales come from ebooks.
  • Her book recommendation: Leading Without Authority, because the book provides tips and suggestions for leaders and managers alike.
  • She wrote her book “A practical guide to writing fiction” when she was transitioning into writing fiction books.
  • Her advise to authors: New or debut authors should not rush into getting their book published one they have completed writing the manuscript.

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