Tamil Actor Rajinikanth in Management Books: Bala P C,Bestselling Author ep19

PC Balasubramanian (Bala P C) is an entrepreneur and a bestselling author who has written management books themed on Rajinikanth. His first two books, Rajini’s Punchatanra and Grand Brand Rajini, are management books and have been inspired by Tamil movie icon Rajinikanth. He followed up his nonfiction books with a fiction novel – Ready, Steady, Exit. In his professional avatar, Bala is a Chartered Accountant and the Executive Director & President of Matrix Group. He also contributes articles to newspapers and magazines especially on matters relating to Retailing and FMCG industries.

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Discussion: PC Bala’s books on Rajinikanth

  • Bala (Bala P C) discusses his journey as an author, his passion for writing, how he manages time between running his company and authoring and marketing his books.
  • He started his journey as an author by writing life and brand management books but with a twist – teaching these concepts through quotes from Tamil movie icon Rajnikanth.
  • Bala believes that the punchline used by Rajnikanth in his movies have a significant bearing in the business world. That was his motivation for writing his first book.
  • He decided to publish his first book in English due to his comfort for the language as well as the wider reach an English language book could get. Translating into Tamil was the by default extension.( Note : Tamil is a language spoken by 75 to 80 million people in India equivalent to the population of Germany).
  • Bala believes that writing is easier but taking it to the retail shelf is a daunting task.For his first book, he approached 2 big publishers in Chennai for his first book. One publisher believed that though people watch Rajnikanth’s movies , book with this theme may not do well . They agreed to do the first print run of 1000 copies with a caveat that he would have to sign an underwriting clause i.e. if his books did not get sold, Bala would have to buy it from the publisher at a decided price. This was a deal breaker.
  • The other publisher New Horizon Media was extremely delighted with the concept and decided to publish the book in Tamil and the English version was published by Rupa Publications. Book in English language did well especially through online stores.
  • Bala strongly believes that just translating any books in regional languages could be a challenge as it mainly depends on subject , visibility to the target audience, distribution , competitive pricing and the way it is being promoted.
  • His second book Grand Brand Rajani was on branding, which he co-authored with Ram Ramakrishnan. This book talks about how brands around the world evolved into successful brands by citing the example of Rajnikanth who rose from rags to riches and created a personal brand.
  • He thinks it is very important to market a book always by shamelessly talking about it or creating controversy as controversy sells but he is not a believer in giving his books for free.
  • Bala’s fiction book Ready Steady Exit published through Srishti Publishers is a corporate story where the protagonist is a Chartered Accountant but not based on his life.
  • He talks about how bookwriting has led to him getting invited to speak at corporate events.
  • There is no big money in book writing per se but the return on investment(ROI) has been to share his creative ideas with the population as well as helped him connect to eminent people.
  • He believes in India there should be a platform where authors and readers can come and chat together.
  • We of course talk about Rajinikanth, and for the first time on MyKitaab Podcast, we end the discussion with a punchline from a Bollywood Tamil movie. Bala P C narrates a line from the Tamil movie Mullum Mallarum.

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