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Kovid is the creator of Calibre, an ebook management and conversion program. He has a Ph.D from California Institute of Technology and has worked on quantum computing. He has many and varied interests. He is a book lover and reads close to 100 books an year. In addition, he has written poems and essays . Kovid was one of the panelists in the Jaipur Literary Festival -2016 . He has 2 daughters and his wife is an author of children’s books.

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Discussion With Kovid About Calibre

  • Kovid is the creator and principal developer of Calibre, a comprehensive suite of utilities for managing/converting/viewing e-books and news in digital formats.It is thus a one stop solution to manage ebooks.
    This ebook management software has millions of active users across the globe, present in over 200 countries and the user interface and manual has been translated in over 50 languages.
  • In 2006, Sony started selling its first ebook device Einkreader but it was based on Microsoft operating system.
  • He reverse engineered the devise so that it was compatible on Linux.
  • He was an avid book reader and enjoyed writing softwares which was a motivation for him to create this program. Thus a need which turned into a hobby which in turn turned into a profession for Kovid.
  • Kovid claims the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) about Calibre is its simple and easy user interface i.e. even a novice user or old people can use it with very little hassle.
  • He believes that manuscript in any human language can be converted into an ebook through Calibre but the challenge is getting the book translated.
  • The software can convert docx file into epub and mobi format and hence it can be used by authors for beta testing of their books.
  • Calibre has an amazing community of people and since it is an open source format, anyone can go to the website and contribute as well translate the manuscript in any language.
  • Kovid earns its revenue through affiliate income, donations , google ads through ads sense and patrons who contribute .

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