How to use Agile and Scrum for Writing Books: Lancer Kind, ep 84

Lancer Kind is an author form the United States and for the last seven years he has delivered consulting services in China as well as the USA, and has spoken at Agile conferences in the US, China, and India. He’s a publishing author of science fiction and a project management comic series called Scrum Noir which made the Amazon best seller list for a week.

We talk about his bookwriting journey and specifically, how authors can use principled of Agile project management and Scrum for bookwriting. You can read Lancer’s Bio here.

You can Listen to lancer’s Interview, and his book Agile Noir by clicking below


  • Lancer Kind is the author’s pen name. He began writing since he was in grade 3 or 4. he was also an avid reader since his childhood.

When professionals who are not full time authors, write their first novel, it will typically be a fiction related to their profession.

  • He has published several short stories. He believes that one of the best way of getting good at something is to keep trying and failing, an trying again. Short stories help in developing a habit of repetition.

My Day job is writing, my hobby is the work I do to pay bills

  • Agile and Scrum and Project Management processes used in IT. Sources: Agile is a philosophy, Scrum lists the steps to complete the work.
  • Lancer has written script for a science fiction movie project. He met the producer of this film while he was in China, titled Miss Weisenheimer and The Aliens.
  • Agile Noir is the story of a project manager whose life and work are going nowhere. He meets a Rishi who becomes an Agile consultant for the protagonist, and finally is able to succeed both in his life and his work.

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Quirky Fact:

Lancer wrote parts of his book when he was undergoing treatment in China. He learnt to write with his left hand.

Resources and Links:

Lancer’s Author Website

Lancer’s Amazon Author Page 

Agile Noir Blog

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  1. Lancer’s business novel Agile Noir is available in India via

    Kartar Patel . . . a savvy project manager who is determined, disciplined, and and above all, handsome. He’s got a high profile project for a Vegas casino and puts his heart and soul into delivering the Winner. But when timelines are slipped, stakeholders want a pound of flesh for every ounce of letdown. He’s being followed . . . discovers tracking devices on his car . . . his meetings are bugged . . . he gets a gun. A reshi takes interest in Kartar’s plight and tells him he’ll never succeed without transforming his project to an Agile process. Kartar discovers that not only his career and life are on the line, but so is his immortal soul. Learn Agile and Scrum software development in an enjoyable and memorable way. The following concepts are covered in this dramatic story: Agile Manifesto values and principals, the Scrum framework, history of Waterfall, User Stories, Planning Poker estimation, cross–team dependencies, Scrum of Scrums, and the challenges of organizational change. Author Lancer Kind is an Agile consultant with more than twenty years of experience in IT. As a writer he utilizes craftsmanship developed through writing science fiction for over fifteen years. Watch for more Agile Noir news and learn more about Agile at

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