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Miral Sattar is the CEO and founder of BiblioCrunch a market place which connects authors with the curated and trusted book publishing professionals they need to publish a high-quality book. The company has been featured in BBC World News, Forbes, WSJ, MediaBistro, PBS, Columbia Journalism Review, The Next Web, Publishers Weekly, and a bunch of other places. BiblioCrunch was also selected as The Next Big Thing in media by the Paley Center. Miral is an alumnae of Columbia University and has Masters in Media from New York University. She started her career as a software engineer and eventually moved to media.She has close to 11 years of experience in media working with Time Inc and Time Magazine .Her mission is to innovate the publishing industry with the use of technology. She is an author of the book and founder of which is the leading voice on South Asian news and entertainment in the US. She is a scientific fiction books nerd and a NaNo WriMo writer and 1/3 engineer. 1/3 entrepreneur. 1/3 writer.

“The aim of Bibliocrunch is access to quality and good advise from professionals ”

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Discussion on Bibliocrunch

  • Miral talks about her interest in media , entrepreneurship and her juggle between a New York person, kids and how she balances all of that.
  • She started a blog in 2003 for South Asian Women based in United States. It received close to 1lakh visitors much before SEO, Social Media etc.were known. The blog talked about various topics and articles related to women. Moreover there were a few Pakistani and Indian budding actors who got featured and eventually made it big. Young women were interested in reading this which became a great success.
  • Miral loved media and wanted to use her skills in technology to media. She started with Time Magazine and was instrumental during the digital transition of Time Magazine which gave her immense knowledge about Digital Media.
  • During her stint with Time, she wrote lots of articles on using technology for how to publish – guides for authors , how to become a successful author and how to engage with people.
  • In 2011, she started BiblioCrunch a platform that matches writers with quality, vetted book publishing professionals to help bring their books to market.
  • The freelancers go through a rigorous application process before they are signed in on the platform. Only 40% of freelancers who apply are selected.
  • In 2012 they had 100 freelancers and 900 authors using their services, today it is close to 1500 freelancers and 23000 authors.
  • Unlike the other platform models where author’s don’t have to pay upfront, in BiblioCrunch , 25% of the total project money is taken as deposit. This works as a motivation for the freelancers too.
  • BiblioCrunch has started a service called as Author Academy where the VIP Subscribers are given author templates, guide to self publishing process information directly. The authors are given a wed ed directory of authors who have reviews and a toolkit that can get support and can walk them through the publishing and marketing process.
  • They also started a service called as “Learn self Publishing Fast” an online educational resource guide on publishing. These resources have become very popular especially the 24 hrs to self publish series and on demand they are putting new courses into place including one on children’s books.
  • BiblioCrunch has presence in US, UK , Canada and mostly other English speaking countries. They are doing translation services for Spanish to English and vice versa. Currently they have 50 translators on board but their main focus is still predominately English language books.
  • Miral believes that audiobooks services are not in huge demand unlike the content which is consumed and hence does not want to venture into audio currently .
  • Miral’s favourite books are 24 hours to self publish as well as Red Hot Internet Publicity by Penny Sansivieri . She prefers to read fiction books on Kindle and print books for non fiction.
  • She believes that the mistakes most of the author’s make is they do not have one line pitch ready for their books and should not sell the book all the time rather start marketing the book once the writing is done.

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