How To Self Publish Your Book: Kavita Kapoor, Ep 06

Kavita Kapoor is an entrepreneur and an author. During her interview, we talk about how to self publish your book, how to design a cover for a book using Microsoft word and how to self publish your book, how to find a printer in India, and how to obtain ISBN. Discussion with Kavita: How to […]Read More

How to Write a Book While Commuting- Rachna Singh, Author ep 05

Rachna Singh is a consultant in organizational development. She lives with her family in Bengaluru (Bangalore) and considers herself as an accidental author. She wrote the manuscript for her first novel during her commute in the famous traffic jams of Bengaluru. (Mark Dawson is another author who wrote his books while commuting to work) Rachna dabbled with […]Read More

Mystery Behind Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: Anuj Dhar, Author ep04

Anuj Dhar is a former journalist who has spent nearly fifteen years to discover the mystery behind disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He is the trustee of New Delhi based not for profit organization Mission Netaji.  Anuj let his journalistic career take a backseat and has been a relentless campaigner for the declassification of files related […]Read More

Self Publishing with Reedsy: Ricardo Fayet ep03

Ricardo Fayet takes us from the time Reedsy was founded to the present day. We also talk about the new models and tools that they are introducing. we cover books, self publishing, marketplace, editing, ebooks, agent assisted publishing, among other topics of interest to authors. Reedsy has a very stringent acceptance process for editors and […]Read More

Publishing Market in India : Vivek Mehra, SAGE India ep02

Vivek Mehra is the MD and CEO of SAGE India. He comes from a family that was in the textile business. After his MBA from Columbia University, he returned to India in the late 1980s. Following this, he worked in food processing, textiles before he finally ventured into publishing in the late 1990s. He joined […]Read More

How To Translate Your Book in Indian Languages: Vikrant Pande, ep01

Vikrant Pande is an author who specializes in translations of Marathi classics into English. He has most recently translated Rau, on which the Hindi movie Bajirao Mastani was based, into English. In addition, so far he has translated several Marathi classics into English. Vikrant is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. At present […]Read More

Podcasts that influence MyKitaab: Podcast on Book Publishing

Podcasts that influence me … and have helped me in becoming a podcaster Update 11th July 2016: I am adding list of podcasts related to book publishing at the top of this post as a quick reference. Many of these podcasts are targeted towards self-publishing. Podcasts of influence for writers and creatives (listed Alphabetically, I […]Read More

Updates on the launch of Mykitaab Podcast

To cut a long story short, I am leaving my corporate job and working on a podcast launch. It may sound stupid, crazy and maybe I might get an unsolicited mail or two from a psychiatrist offering their services. This post (or subsequent posts for that matter) is about podcast launch and building MyKitaab Podcast […]Read More