Some random updates

Updates on the launch of Mykitaab Podcast To cut a long story short, I am leaving my corporate job and working on a podcast launch. It may sound stupid, crazy and maybe I might get an unsolicited mail or two from a psychiatrist offering their services. This post (or subsequent posts for that matter) is […]Read More

How I Schedule Interviews for MyKitaab Podcast

Google Spreadsheets to Schedule podcasts: keeping it simple I use Google Spreadsheets to schedule interviews and release episodes. I manage my schedule: contacting guests, record interviews with guests and releasing the podcasts. As on December 17, 2015; I have recorded 22 episodes, and the pipeline is looking good- with commitments upto end of March! This […]Read More

Eight Ways Your Book Will Get Published in India

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I had written this post a couple of years ago, I am re-posting since it is still relevant !! I visited a local bookstore on Saturday and spent a couple of hours browsing books their fiction section. Over the past few weeks, I have followed the Top Selling, Newly Arrived, and the Most Popular sections […]Read More

Cost of self publishing a book in India

Call it epiphany, or a combination of circumstances, or a  mere coincidence. Earlier this week, I decided that I should write a post on how much self-publishing NRI:Now Returned to India cost me. That was on Monday. By Thursday morning, I had the draft ready, but then two events prompted me to re-write this post […]Read More