How to Discover Virtual Freedom: Leigh Martinuzzi ep 87

Leigh Martinuzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He has published his book Virtual Freedom in January 2017, and we talk about his book writing process and book marketing. You can listen to this interview by clicking below About The Guest: Leigh is an expert in lifestyle design. He helps people go from living a life […]Read More

Publishing Stories with Sweek – Sabine Van Der Plas ep86

Sweek is an app for publishing, reading, and sharing stories. I came to know about Sweek through Instagram, and thought of reaching out to them. Sabine Van Der Plas, Marketing Manager and Co-Founder, tells us the history of this app: How this idea came about, the road to product development, the genres that are popular. […]Read More

How to Write,Publish Illustrated Children’s Books: Brandon Cullum ep 82

Brandon Cullum is a children’s book author and illustrator and author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller: “Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur, his other books include Alphabet Fruit and Vinny The Soccer Playing Dinosaur. In this interview, we talk about writing for Kids, illustrations and editing process for kids’ books, book marketing, and finally, why publishing’s […]Read More

Interview with Ruchira Khanna Author, Reiki Master ep79

Double Interview: Ruchira Khanna and Mukesh Gupta We had done a similar double interview in episode 68, featuring Leonard Fernandes and Savi Sharma. You can listen to Part II of this episode: Interview with Mukesh Gupta here. Interview with Ruchira Khanna Ruchira is the author of Adventures of Alex and Angelo, Choices, and Voyagers in […]Read More

Double Episode: Ruchira Khanna and Mukesh Gupta Part II ep 79

About Mukesh Gupta Mukesh is the Author of a book titled “Your Startup Mentor”, the first and only business Poem available on Amazon. He calls himself a Corporate Rebel, Instigator, Change Agent & an Early Adopter of technology. In his past avatar, he was a founder-CEO of a retail start-up. He is currently involved in managing multiple communities and a […]Read More