Forensic Scientist and Author Greg Hickey ep77

Introduction: Greg Hickey Greg Hickey is a forensic scientist, endurance athlete, author and screenwriter. His debut novel, Our Dried Voices, was a finalist for the Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Science Fiction Book of the Year. He is also the writer of the award-winning screenplay, Vita. His blog, KineSophy, analyzes topics in philosophy and fitness. He lives in Chicago with his […]Read More

Tools That I Use for Podcasting

  I have written about the hardware setup that I have for my podcast ‘recording studio’ in the past. Today, I thought of writing about the programs or softwares that I use for managing the entire podcast workflow. By workflow, I mean the entire process right from identifying a potential guest to scheduling time with […]Read More

Award Winning Author, Translator Aruna Chakravarti ep73

Aruna Chakravarti is a well-known academic, creative writer, translator and an award winning author. In this interview, we talk about Aruna’s journey from a translator to an author, the research  for her book Jorasanko and the sequel, Daughters of Jorasanko. You can listen to Aruna Chakravarti’s interview by clicking below About Aruna Chakravarti Aruna Chakravarti is […]Read More

Poetry Books on Diabetes : Amanda Jones ep72

Amanda Jones is a healthcare professional and a poet. She has written two poetry books through which she conveys the message about diabetes. Her first poetry book, Poems For You & Your Neighbour: Health Disorders Simplified, was published in 2015, and her second poetry book will be released on November 14th 2016: World Diabetes Day. […]Read More

Our Podcasts have received Multiple 5-Star Reviews on iTunes till date!

We create exceptional audio experiences for our customers by giving a voice to their brand and creating the best in class podcast series. We provide podcast production, distribution, audience engagement, audience analytics and reporting services. We also consult with brands who want to launch their own podcast. Audio brings a new flavour to high quality […]Read More

Promoting Stories, Articles and Poems: Dmitry Selemir, Scriggler ep71

Dmitry Selemir is the co-founder of Scriggler. He has a diploma in physics from Lomonosov Moscow State University, he was a research associate with Imperial College, London. Before he founded Scriggler, he was a portfolio manager with Blue Mountain Capital. His co-founders in Scriggler include his sister Victoria and friend Sebastian. Scriggler is defined as […]Read More