How to Manage a Corporate Career and Write Bestsellers: Mainak Dhar ep66

Mainak Dhar is a Corporate Executive and a Bestselling Author .In this interview, we talk about writing habits, managing work-life balance, bookwriting as a passion versus a career option, productivity, book marketing, and writing across genres. Mainak also talks about how he writes on flights, and the influence of his family (his grandfather and parents) […]Read More

Who is Listening to MyKitaab Podcast? Listener Profile

In this post, I would like to talk about the listener profile for MyKitaab Podcast. I have always wondered why people listen to MyKitaab and where they come from. Also, who they are and how do they listen to the episodes. That is, the device they use to listen to the podcast. The reviews answer the WHY . […]Read More

How To Publish Your Book in India: Listen to MyKitaab Podcast

We have interviewed over 70 guests so far, and as on August 2016, our shows are fully booked till end ot October 2016. In other words, we have lot more exciting interviews and discussions with the guests in the pipeline. How to get the shownotes for episodes Visit to access the shownotes for each […]Read More

Reviews for MyKitaab Podcast – Book Publishing in India

Reviews for MyKitaab- Book Publishing in India MyKitaab Podcast Reviews You can find the latest reviews for MyKitaab on iTunes worldwide here What our reviewers are saying Take your book global! by The Medicare Nation, United States  If you are an author and you’d like to get your book published in India, this is the show […]Read More

The Story Behind the Name MyKitaab

The Word Kitaab Means a Book in Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and many other Indian languages. Before launching MyKitaab Podcast, I listened to several podcasts on book publishing for a number of years. I am adding a Small list of podcasts related to book publishing at the top of this post as a quick reference. Many […]Read More

Writing and Publishing Indie Fantasy Series: Garrett Robinson ep61

Garrett Robinson is an,author, filmmaker and podcaster talks about writing and publishing indie Fantasy Series . He has authored 12 books till date, including the Nightblade and The Academy Journal Series. His latest book The Firemage’s Vengeance: A Book of Underrealm (The Academy Journals 3) released this week (July 2016). We talk about his career […]Read More