Sunil Gandhi Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant ep51

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Sunil Gandhi is a management consultant who specializes in customer experience and financial engineering. He has been a writer since 1994 and has written in various publications on the subject of finance, management, personal development, economy and customer experience. He has written for The Smart Manager, The ICAI Journal and Journal of Bombay Chartered Accountants’ […]Read More

Celebrating Episode Number 50 of MyKitaab Podcast!

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Welcome to Episode 50 of the MyKitaab Podcast! We celebrate Episode  50 of the MyKitaab Podcast with a big Thank You to all the listeners and the supporters. This episode is different in many ways. This is a solo cast, and I talk about some updates, learnings from past interviews and finally what would the […]Read More

Karan Bajaj Bestselling Author, Aspiring Yogi Part II ep49

Introduction This is Part II of our discussion with Bestselling author Karan Bajaj. We discuss Karan’s upcoming book Yoga of Max’s Discontent. The book is about a Wallstreet Banker who becomes a Yogi in the Himalayas. It is the contemporary version of the story of the Buddha. Part I of Karan’s interview is at […]Read More

How To Market Your Book. Karan Bajaj, Bestselling Author ep48

Introduction Karan Bajaj  tells us How To Market Your Book. Karan is a #1 bestselling Indian novelist with more than 200,000 copies of his novels in print, both optioned into major films. Karan’s first worldwide novel, The Yoga of Max’s Discontent, will be be published by Random House on May 3rd 2016. The book, called “The […]Read More

Custom Publishing in India: Saanjay Sethi, Part II ep 47

In this part II of the interview with Saanjay Sethi, we talk about Custom Publishing in India. Saanjay is the Co-Founder and CEO of Matrix Publishing Group, we talk about Guestwriting, Translations of Books, books in Regional languages of India, and Coffee Table Books. He also talks about custom publishing, what it means in the […]Read More

Coffee Table Books in India: Saanjay Sethi, Matrix Publishing Grp PI ep 45

Coffee Table Books in India Saanjay Sethi is a veteran in India’s book publishing industry with over three decades of experience in in Publishing, Media, Broadcasting and Education. He has worked with Wolters Kluwer, Macmillan Publishers, Sony Entertainment, Times of India Group, Addison Wesley and McGraw-Hill. He founded Matrix Publishing Group in 2010, and followed […]Read More